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SNS marketing

Providing marketing with real experience, not just management

Group also carries out promotions using YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. SNS marketing is a service provided by many advertising companies. Glued operates accounts as YouTubers and Instagrammers in order to gain a deeper understanding of the medium.

Groude became a YouTuber as “Hot Sandman”

In the advertising industry, there are many companies that carry out promotional work using various SNS.

Currently, it is quite difficult to select a company to hire for SNS promotion.

Additionally, there are broadly two types of promotion methods for SNS.

The first one is"Advertisement development"

The second is"Content production"is

If you want to carry out explosive temporary product promotions,"Advertisement development"is valid.

You can conduct explosive promotions by advertising on your own account or requesting projects from influencers.

this"Advertisement development"This method requires an advertising fee, and it is necessary to calculate the cost-effectiveness according to the advertising fee.

This is a mistake that many of our clients make.

In order to gain continuous fans, followers, and engagement, and increase the brand value of products and corporate entities."Content production"There is nothing else to do. Engagement acquired through "advertisement development" is unlikely to result in repeat customers, and we recommend that companies that deploy SNS advertising as part of their branding spend their advertising costs on "content creation." .

At Glude, in order to gain a first-hand understanding of the dominant SNS market, we

From April 2020, Instagram

In November 2020, we started posting content on YouTube.

By starting from scratch, I believe I understand many of the reasons why SNS can become a Social Networking Service.

Additionally, I have come to understand some of the obstacles and points to keep in mind when developing SNS.

In the future, SNS will become an indispensable tool for BtoB and BtoC companies, so if you have any questions about content production or management, please feel free to contact us.

Also, please read this article to the end. thank you very much.

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