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Staff introduction

All staff working at Groupe will always hold two or more positions.

Being able to work in two or more positions allows me to be flexible and carry out my work with a sense of responsibility until launch.


Naoki Takayama

Representative director/producer

Born in 1980 in Osaka. Worked as a director at Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK). After that, he worked at a video production company, where he was in charge of internal branding, mainly video production, for a major general trading company. Based on the experience I gained there, I moved to an advertising agency. Engaged in marketing focused on creatives such as video, web, and graphics. Established Glued Co., Ltd. in August 2018. Specializes in advertising production using internal branding and cross media. Has won numerous awards. My hobby is camping.

Groud Co., Ltd.


1-1-23 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Ilviale Kanda Ogawamachi 6F

Phone: 03-3518-9669

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