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Service lineup

Services that shape client needs from business to entertainment


Promotional video production

​Promotions that increase name recognition and favorability, leading to increased sales

We create promotional videos that represent the face of both BtoC and BtoB companies. From large companies expanding overseas to manufacturing companies, we can produce video content to suit your budget. It will be distributed using the company website and video platforms such as YouTube.

Web production

Important creative that serves as a cross-media platform

​We will create the homepage, special site, and landing page. We will save the created web page on our server or the customer's server, and proceed with the production in accordance with the customer's security policy. It is an important creative that often becomes the recipient of cross-media.


​In-house video shooting

Videos of company top interviews, in-house training, etc.

We recommend the use of videos to instill the management's vision and company mission among employees. In addition, by videotaping in-house training and safety seminars that are held every year, you can free yourself from the training duties that you had to do every year and improve internal efficiency.

graphic design

Easy to read, easy to see, easy to catch the eye, and hard to get bored of

We produce paper media such as booklets, newsletters, and posters. We can handle everything from reporting, photography, lighting, and DTP all at once. Groud is good at graphic design and writing that eliminates unnecessary things as much as possible and makes it easy to see what you need.


VR content

Advertising using Metaverse

We plan, manage, and propose VR and Metaverse projects. Focusing on the highly specialized VR technology and market, we provide new forms of advertising usage and service development, communication tool proposals and direction, and production unique to VR content.

Marketing with real experience, not just management

Group also carries out promotions using YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the medium, I also operate an original account as a YouTuber/Instagrammer. It is also possible to create original Vtubers.


Event live streaming

We manage everything from shareholder meetings to New Year Parties and online events.

We can perform a wide range of event operations with a small group of people, from planning to production of progress scripts, direction on the day of the event, and real-time switching. In recent years, online events using Zoom etc. have rapidly increased, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


Activities that seep out from products and corporate entities and are felt by stakeholders

Branding is an activity that solidifies what you want to become. Branding is the most important activity for a product or company. We are good at coming up with measures to ensure that the staff working in a company, and the staff handling the product, carry out corporate activities with the same image.

​For detailed results, please contact us using the inquiry form.

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